Help Yourself by Helping Others

Planning for retirement but weary of uncertain financial markets? Retired and looking for additional income as well as a tax break? Wishing to help a cause you support, such as NorthBay Healthcare? Consider establishing a charitable gift annuity through NorthBay Healthcare Foundation.

Charitable gift annuities offer a very advantageous way for you to make a donation to your favorite non-profit organization, in return for lifetime income and a sizeable tax deduction. A portion of the income from the annuity is tax-free, and you can avoid paying capital gains taxes if funding with appreciated assets.

NorthBay Healthcare Foundation, the fund-raising arm of NorthBay Healthcare—as a member of the American Council on Gift Annuities (ACGA)—can now arrange charitable gift annuities without involving a third party, assuring that even more of your donation goes to the causes you support.

With gift annuities, payments are fixed and not affected by the stock market or interest rates. The size of payments depends on the interest rate returns set for all non-profits by the ACGA, and that helps donors make philanthropic decisions based on the causes they support, rather than variations in rates. Size of payments will also depend on the value of the contribution and the age of the donors. Upon the donor’s death, the remaining balance of the annuity would be transferred to NorthBay, and used for the purpose the donor specified when the gift was made. Gift annuities can be established with a minimum gift beginning at $10,000. Thanks to our community’s continued generosity, NorthBay is able to expand its state-of-the-art services right here in Solano County, providing compassionate care, advanced medicine, close to home.

For more information about charitable gift annuities or other forms of lifetime income arrangements, or a sample rate of return chart, please contact Brett Johnson, NorthBay Healthcare Foundation president, at (707) 646-3131.

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