Learn to Fend Off Falls

Balance is a critical issue for older people and with good reason. According to the Centers for Disease Control, 2.8 million people age 65 and up are treated each year in emergency departments for fall injuries and one out of every five falls causes a serious injury such as a broken bone or head trauma.

NorthBay Healthcare is working to alleviate this issue by participating in community outreach events such as health fairs and festivals and partnering with the Solano Area Agency on Aging to provide classes to improve balance such as tai chi.

This spring, NorthBay Injury Prevention and Outreach Technician Brenna Benjamin will also team up with the agency to teach “A Matter of Balance” classes. A Matter of Balance is a structured group program that emphasizes practical strategies to manage falls. Participants partake in group discussions to learn that falls are controllable, set goals for increasing activity, eliminate home fall hazards, and participate in strength and balance exercises. Visit NorthBay.org for dates, times and locations for spring Matter of Balance classes.

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