Mental Health Team Ready When Needed

There’s a “warm hand-off” waiting for those patients who may be experiencing a mental health concern at NorthBay Healthcare’s centers for primary care in Vacaville and Fairfield.

It’s part of NorthBay’s Integrated Behavioral Health program. “If you’re not feeling well physically, you’re probably not feeling well mentally, and vice-versa,” noted Jessica Schild, a Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW) at the Center for Primary Care in Fairfield, who works alongside Dr. Corinna Press, clinical psychologist, and Toni Perez, mental health technician.

As part of this integrated program, Jessica and the mental health team are on standby in the primary care setting to assist the health care team when patients present with a mental health issue or appear to be in crisis.

“It’s called a warm hand-off,” she explained. “A patient may come in with a medical issue, but there may be something else going on, as identified by the medical assistant or physician. They’ll ask me to go in and meet with the patient to see if I can assist.”

Jessica is also available to provide short-term counseling services, and she and Toni can help guide patients toward community resources, if necessary.

Providing the same service at the Center for Primary Care in Vacaville is Rachelle Jackson, LCSW.

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