Putting Women’s Health First

Women, busy holding down jobs and juggling family life, may be inclined to think of their own health last.

NorthBay Healthcare aims to make it easy for them to put their personal health first.

ABOVE: Stella Huang, M.D., (left) and Shanna Snow, M.D., know their female patients have their hands full with busy lives, so aim to make care options flexible.
“Women need some flexibility when it comes to their healthcare needs,” noted Mary Jameson, director of Women’s Health for NorthBay Healthcare. “That’s the concept we’ve kept close to our hearts when building our program here. Our goal is to become Solano County’s top choice for care.”

From bone health to breast health, from puberty to menopause, from pregnancy to delivery, women of all ages can receive comprehensive care from NorthBay Healthcare’s team of women’s health experts. The care team recently added several new obstetrics/gynecology providers, both in clinics and in the hospitals. Expanded services also include longer clinic hours and access to maternal and fetal health specialists, dietitians and social workers. To this is added the breast-feeding support provided by NorthBay’s “Baby-Friendly” designated Labor & Delivery and Mother-Baby teams, as well as Solano County’s highest level acute care unit for premature infants.

What all this means for women — and their children — is ease of access, close to home.

That concept is what drew Stella Huang, D.O., to join NorthBay earlier this year, to serve as medical director of Inpatient Women’s Health Services.

“I delivered my two children at NorthBay,” she explains, “and the experience was great. I was impressed with the nurses, with the fact that NorthBay has a lactation consultant available, and overall just how ‘pro-patient’ and organized the team was.”

The journey to motherhood begins with an invitation to attend an orientation, another welcome service, Dr. Huang noted.

“Anyone who is newly pregnant is invited to attend this class to learn more about our system and all the services available here,” Mary added. Call the Center for Women’s Health at (707) 646-4100 for details.

All patients can take advantage of an increase in access to care, as three of NorthBay’s five outpatient OB/GYN providers offer appointments early, late and in the Centers for Primary Care.

Women with high-risk pregnancies can be seen by a maternal and fetal medicine specialist, who has specialized ultrasound equipment and who collaborates with OB/GYN providers located in the Gateway Medical Plaza on the NorthBay Medical Center campus.

The team’s OB/GYN’s perform minimally invasive laparoscopic surgeries, for ectopic pregnancies, ovarian cysts and endometriosis, for example. Andrew Lin, M.D., is trained in urogynecology procedures, which repairs pelvic prolapse and stress incontinence. All providers manage a range of women’s health issues, from infertility and contraception to menopause and bone health.

“Now there’s no need to go out of Solano County to be treated for most concerns women may face throughout their life cycle,” Dr. Huang added.

More than a year ago, NorthBay Healthcare partnered with OLE Health, a nonprofit community clinic committed to expanding access to health care for our community’s most vulnerable families, in a clinic just across the street from NorthBay Medical Center in Fairfield. (See related story, Page 21). This alliance has brought preventative care to low-income mothers and children, as well as access to social workers and nutritionists, for example.

Whether you’re a woman facing the hormonal swings of puberty, or the hot flashes of menopause, the team of specialists at the NorthBay Center for Women and Children’s Health has you covered, close to home.

Extra Hours for You

In addition to regular office hours in Fairfield’s Gateway Medical Plaza, NorthBay Healthcare OB/GYN providers offer visits in other locations. Shanna Snow, D.O., is available from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Thursdays and Fridays at the Center for Primary Care in Vacaville. Andrew Lin, M.D., holds office hours on Tuesdays from 5 to 8 p.m. for patients at the Center for Primary Care in Fairfield. Rachel Villalon, M.D., offers appointments starting at 7 a.m. on Tuesdays at the Center for Women’s Health. For more information, call (707) 646-4100.

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