Grant Funds Support Pediatric Care

When it comes to providing funds to purchase equipment that improves care for NorthBay Healthcare’s littlest, most vulnerable patients, the Solano Community Foundation can be consistently generous. The foundation’s Leslie Anderson and Virginia May Anderson Fund, which specifically supports pediatric causes, awarded a $25,300 grant to the NorthBay Healthcare Foundation for the purchase of several pediatric items.

Anderson funds were used to purchase supplies to outfit eight pediatric Code Blue crash carts, four weighted blankets to help calm NICU babies struggling with drug withdrawal, and several cameras and a video system for beds in the NICU, so that parents and loved ones who can’t be at the infant’s bedside can still see their babies through a live, secure feed.

“Babies, because of their medical condition, are often agitated, tremulous and have difficulty organizing their sleep/wake cycles,” noted Kathy Smith, an occupational therapist and NICU specialist. “These weighted blankets are well-made, soft and look very appealing to parents. Calming these babies will allow them to interact more appropriately with their families, to feed better and sleep more comfortably and, hopefully, to go home sooner. I’m very grateful for the grant that funded this purchase.”

“When babies are admitted to the NICU, there can be a sense of loss for families,” noted Katie Lydon, director, Women and Children’s Services. “These cameras will allow mom and dad to go home and get their needed rest and yet still be able to see their baby with the click of a button. And, they can share the link to the NicView website, allowing family and friends across the globe to see their sweet baby grow.”

During the past six years, the Anderson Fund has awarded NorthBay Healthcare Foundation more than $145,000 to purchase such things as incubators, a metal-free MRI ventilator, a pediatric weighing gurney and cardiac monitor, thermometers and scales, a Berkeley suction device for Labor & Delivery and sophisticated surgical monitoring equipment.

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