Adding Accessibility

Making Specialists More Accessible

If you’ve been to a Center for Primary Care (CPC) recently, you might have noticed something new—specialists’ offices. “In an effort to make care more convenient for patients, some of our specialists are now holding office hours in the CPCs,” said Wayne Gietz, vice president of Ambulatory Services.

NorthBay OB/GYNs Shanna Snow, D.O., and Rachel Villalon, M.D., have been seeing patients at the Vacaville and Green Valley CPCs for the past few months. This has been so successful that now Urologist Herkanwal Khaira, M.D., has office hours at the Vacaville CPC.

Sleep medicine appointments, available on Saturdays once a month with pulmonologist Donald Doyle, M.D., at the Hilborn CPC, are also proving popular. “This is a trend we plan to continue,” Wayne added. “Locating specialty services close to where our patients live and work makes it easier for our patients to get care.”

Two Center for Women’s Health physicians have permanently relocated their practices to the primary care offices. Internal Medicine Physician Teresa Whitley, M.D., is now located at the Vacaville CPC while Family Practitioner and Women’s Health Specialist Lauren Weber, D.O., is now at the Green Valley CPC. “With construction taking place at NorthBay Medical Center and parking difficult
for patients, this move is to make access to our physicians easier for our patients.”

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