Service Directory and Map

Health Care Where and When You Need It

  1. NorthBay Vacaville Hospital1000 Nut Tree Road, Vacaville
  2. NorthBay Surgery Center, VacaValley1006 Nut Tree Road, Vacaville
  3. VacaValley Wellness Center1020 Nut Tree Road, Vacaville
  4. VacaValley Health Plaza1010 Nut Tree Road, Vacaville
  5. NorthBay Medical Center1200 B. Gale Wilson Blvd., Fairfield
  6. Gateway Medical Plaza1860 Pennsylvania Ave., Fairfield
  7. NorthBay Administration Center4500 Business Center Drive, Fairfield
  8. NorthBay Center for Primary CareA) 421 Nut Tree Road, Vacaville
    B) 2458 Hilborn Road, Fairfield
    C) 4520 Business Center Drive, Fairfield
  9. Care ’til 8 (Urgent Care)A) 421 Nut Tree Road, Vacaville
    B) 2458 Hilborn Road, Fairfield

NorthBay Healthcare is Solano County’s only locally based, locally managed nonprofit health care organization. Our mission is to provide patients with the advanced care they need while remaining close to home. The 132-bed NorthBay Medical Center in Fairfield and the 50-bed VacaValley Hospital in Vacaville, anchor a system that includes three primary care medical offices and a wide range of specialist practices.

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