Pick the Right Physician

It’s Important to Pick the Right Physician

When Shanaz Khambatta, D.O., started her family practice with NorthBay Healthcare in 2002, she was only the third doctor to join the organization’s Center for Primary Care facility in Vacaville.

Today, she’s the medical director for the primary care division which includes more than 20 pediatricians, family practice physicians, internal medicine doctors and psychologists with practices in Vacaville, Fairfield and Green Valley.

Picking the right ones for you and your family is very important, she said. “I care for many multigenerational families who enjoy all having the same physician,” she said. “However, having a variety of physicians gives patients choices. Many of our youngest patients see our pediatricians. Others establish care with a family practice doctor as they enter adolescence and their transition to adulthood.”

Individuals with complex medical conditions are probably best suited for an internal medicine doctor, who only cares for patients over the age of 18, and have extensive training in handling geriatric patients, said Dr. Khambatta.

“In addition, we have started inviting a number of specialists to share time and space in our primary care clinics,” she said, which means that patients can go to their regular physician office and visit with a sleep specialist, a gynecologist or a urologist.

“This is an attempt to bring the doctor to the patient instead of sending the patient to the doctor,” she said, noting that in early reviews, patients have been very pleased. Video visits are also being scheduled now with patients and their primary care physician.

But the care doesn’t stop with the physician. NorthBay emphasizes a team-based approach. “It allows us to work collaboratively with patients and families toward a common goal,” said Dr. Khambatta. Teams include nurses, nurse practitioners, physician assistants, medical assistants, patient support representatives, psychologists and social workers.

“We are hoping to expand the team concept to include our specialists, pharmacy, and more,” she said. “From all perspectives, the patient is at the center and the team cares for the patient.”

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