More Room for Emergency Care

First Phase of Emergency Department Expansion Opens at NorthBay Medical Center

The newly enlarged Emergency Department at NorthBay Medical Center is now open to the public. It is the first of three construction phases that will transform the department into a state-of-the art facility and offer an expanded trauma center.

This phase remodeled the old hospital lobby into a new 7,000-square-foot waiting, registration and patient care area. It has been designed to treat less acute patients. You will recognize the same large windows that formerly framed the lobby incorporated into the design.

The registration window faces the former main entry doors to the hospital. Movement through this part of the Emergency Department is clockwise, with patients finding the triage room to their left just past the registration area.

Next come six large patient examination rooms and the nurses’ station. Two more exam rooms will have curtains rather than solid walls.

Once patients complete their care, they continue traveling clockwise to the discharge area, which has its own waiting area. Ambulances will still use their regular entrance when arriving with patients.

Phase II of the project begins Oct. 19 and will close the mid-section of the ED for remodeling.

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