Looking for the Right Insurance & Doctor? Ask Kelly!

Choosing the right insurance plan and doctors is a little like shopping for a new car. You want the one that is reliable and fits your lifestyle best.

That’s where Kelly Rhoads-Poston can help. Prior to joining NorthBay Healthcare 20 years ago as a marketing representative and health plan specialist, she worked in the insurance industry. She understands the complicated health insurance landscape and goes out of her way to help others navigate it. And part of that is selecting a physician and health plan that fits the patient’s needs.

“I ask a lot of questions when someone calls me,” she admits. They include things like:

  • Do you prefer a male or female doctor?
  • Do you want an older or a younger doctor?
  • Would a family doctor or an internist better suit your needs?
  • Do you prefer a doctor who likes to chat or one who quickly gets down to business?
  • What about location?
Have a question?

Call Kelly (707) 646-3280
or email AskKelly@NorthBay.org.

“We have primary care doctors in Vacaville, Fairfield and Green Valley, so there’s lots of choices in Solano County. Your doctor can be close to where you live, where you work, or both,” said Kelly.

Ironically, she noted, a lot of people don’t know what they prefer until they are asked to think about it. “Some have had the same provider for years and suddenly have to find someone new,” she said. “It can be intimidating.”

Also intimidating is “open enrollment,” that time of year when people can select or change their job-based health insurance, pick individual market health insurance or choose a new Medicare supplement.

NorthBay Healthcare works with more than 20 insurance companies (see partial list at NorthBay.org/insurance), and most Medicare supplement plans, said Kelly.

She knows the difference between an HMO and a PPO, as well as between Medi-Cal and Medicare. Do you have double coverage? What does that mean?” She can help you get the most out of your health benefits.

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