Nine New DAISYs Bloom

Nine NorthBay Healthcare nurses have received the coveted DAISY award this past year, presented to honor their outstanding patient outreach.

Isabelle Johnson, R.N., a nurse at VacaValley Hospital’s 1-2 West, was singled out for the compassionate care she shares not only with her patients, but with her coworkers.

MacKenzie Anderson, R.N., a nurse in NorthBay Medical Center’s Labor & Delivery Department, was nominated by a grateful patient who lauded the calm care she provided during a challenging delivery.

Jessica McBroom, R.N., in NorthBay Medical Center’s 1800 Unit, was singled out for helping a patient who was struggling with tremendous pain.

Pamela Baumann, R.N., in 2-West at VacaValley Hospital, was nominated by a nurse, a patient and a physician for the compassion she displayed in caring for a patient who needed a special treatment.

Kelly Gee, R.N., a nurse in 2 North at NorthBay Medical Center, was recognized for her compassionate counseling of a pregnant patient who was trying to avoid pain medications.

Tammy Rodarte, R.N., in NorthBay Medical Center’s Mother/Baby Unit, was nominated by a nursing student who was thankful for her support and patience.

Sarah Thacker, R.N., in NorthBay Medical Center’s 1600 Unit, was nominated by the daughter of an elderly patient, citing a calm and respectful bedside manner that made her mother feel better.

Terri Ricks, R.N., and Edelyn Araga, R.N., both of NorthBay Medical Center’s ICU, were nominated by two different families for the compassion they displayed to patients at life’s end and to their families.

NorthBay joined the DAISY Foundation in December 2015 and has now presented a total of 22 DAISY awards. The DAISY Award was created in memory of J. Patrick Barnes to express his family’s gratitude for the skillful and amazingly compassionate care he received from his nurses when he was hospitalized with the auto-immune disease Idiopathic Thrombocytopenic Purpura (ITP) in 1999. He died at age 33. The awardees’ names can be seen on a new display board posted in NorthBay Medical Center in Fairfield, outside the old cafeteria.

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